At year’s end…

There’s a new crop of paintings under way. Some others still not quite there. Here are two that just might be done.

They seem appropriate to the season. Approaching the new year, wondering what’s beyond that horizon. Over the crest of the next rise.

Thank you for your attention. Here’s hoping you continue to check in periodically and see what’s come off the easel.

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Cape Cod Landscapes

A series of paintings of Cape Cod. Running in reverse chronological order from this Spring going back to the early 1980’s.

These most recent paintings might be seen as outside history. A Cape Cod without human intervention.

oil on canvas © Antonio Dias
“East Harbor”
30″ x 24″
oil on canvas

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A new painting and three more updated.

18" x 24" oil on canvas © Antonio Dias
“Moon Rise, Sunset”
18″ x 24″
oil on canvas

This new painting is developing from this drawing based on a perspective view in Howard Chapelle’s American Fishing Schooners. Continue reading “A new painting and three more updated.”