Mysterious Foundations of Truth

If the things themselves are holy, it is in the gaps between them, the form of their unstable, shifting relationships from which we uncover the sacred. The details grow to something greater. The mystery of representation is that it can never quite get at the thing itself. The mystery deepens insomuch that, nonetheless, in its […]

Signs and Extended Metaphor

Signs pull apart the totality of perception. Tearing holes in the field of relationships. Stopping the eye and the mind. Forcing a precipitation of some part held in opposition. This post is illustrated by a series of images of my work from various “genres” and across the span of three decades. This essay begins to […]

Drawing Distinctions

Another cross-post from Horizons of Significance, The following is an address to be given at the first session of a class at a school that as far as I know does not yet exist.  Nor do I know who the students might be, or their circumstances.  What I do know is that I’d like to […]

Artist’s Statement

    I stopped painting in 1999 Art was Modern. At that time any critique of The Modernism Movement came from within an all-encompassing modernist world-view. Post-Modernism or Traditionalist, the thrust of every approach to painting were simply reactions to Modernism. They did not challenge its underlying assumptions. Today the Art World reels along with the […]